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We provide shows for Banquets, Holiday Parties, Company and Club Events, Fundraisers, Class Reunions and Retirement Parties.

Our murder mystery dinner theaters have been performed throughout northern Ohio including Sandusky, Huron, Port Clinton and the islands. 

We're devilishly good.


Murder Gets the Vote

Murder Mystery Dinner Show -Muder Gets the Vote

Murder Mystery Dinner Show - Murder Gets the Vote

Who killed Senator Samuel Snootful and the ravishing singer,
Suzanne Steamy? Was it Roxanne, the glamorous, provocative wife?
Big Orville, the murky mobster? The reporter who knows more than he should? Or Miss Rare Earth, the flamboyant environmentalist?

Follow the twists and turns with dogged Detective Horsit until he stumbles upon the startling solution.

5 Performers  $550
Mountain Murder

Murder Mystery Dinner Theater - Mountain Murder is good murder

Mountain Murder - Secrets are shocking

Three sophisticated New Yorkers: Dagmar Doolittle, Earl Orlo, and Asia Winters, trek into the backwoods to attend the funeral of actor Wayne Norton. Once there they are detained as murder suspects and are forced to deal with two scary dudes: Sheriff Duputy Dalton Simpson and moonshiner Doobie Denver, plus a hot-off-the press reporter: Lola Albright.

The plot has more twists than a mountain bramble and the laughs just don't quit.

6 Performers  $600
How to Make a Killing

Murder Mystery Dinner Theater - How to make a killing produces good laughs

Mystery Dinner Theater - You dont say

The only thing appealing about stingy old Simon Lagrue was his money. So who finished him off? Delilah, the gorgeous new wife he had just acquired? Hester, his scatter brained sister? Mark, the extravagant nephew with unsavory connections? Raymond, his cross dressing actor son? Irma, the secretary who knows all the secrets? Lucianne, the "surprise" daughter? Or Alfred, the careless attorney?

Follow Detective Horsit as he puts the pieces together to find out just who made the killing.

5 Performers  $550
The Killer Cast

Murder Mystery Dinner Theater - Killer cast is a blast

Murder Mystery Dinner Theater

The old Starlight Theater is decaying away in a blighted neighborhood.  So who would want the property enough to kill for it?  Why did mean miserly Andrea Pendergast develop a sudden interest in the arts, and why did powerful KrupCorps send out their hit man?  What dangers lurk in dark corners and what secrets are the actors and manager hiding?  Help Detective Horsit untangle a twisted plot to discover who was greedy enough to commit "murder most foul".

5 Performers $550